FS Aconit Visits Albania

During a stopover in Durrës (Albania) from 19 to 22 April, the La Fayette type frigate (FLF) Aconit contributed to consolidating the links between the National Navy and the Albanian Navy, allies within NATO, thus promoting stability in this region.

On April 20 and 22, joint training and exercises were conducted in the fields of security, force protection , ship control at sea and military diving with Albanian sailors, with a view to sharing knowledge. , know-how, and maintenance of interoperability between the two navies. The crew of Aconit in particular interacted with the Albanian diving center of expertise and the Albanian navy patrol vessel Lissus .

At the same time, the crew got involved in several public relations activities. On April 19, Frigate Captain Jean-Bertrand Guyon, commander of FLF Aconit , thus met Rear Admiral Adnand Agastra, Chief of Staff of the Albanian Navy, then, joined by HE Madame Élisabeth Barsacq, Ambassador of France in Albania, was received by the regional prefect representing the government and the mayor of Durrës. After an official meal, the participants held a press conference on board. Finally, a reception brought together around fifty guests on the helicopter platform, including in particular the Deputy Minister of Defense and the Chief of the Albanian Armed Forces, to celebrate the ties uniting the two countries.

These cooperation actions and these trainings demonstrate the will of the French and Albanian navies, allied and bordering the Mediterranean, to interact regularly in order to be able to respond to the maritime challenges of the Mediterranean basin.

Deployed in the western and central Mediterranean since March 21, the frigate Aconit continues its mission of monitoring European maritime approaches.

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