CSBC Delivers New Ship to Taiwan Coast Guard

Taiwan International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Taiwan Shipbuilding Corporation) built four 4,000-ton frigates “Hsinchu” for the Fleet Branch of the Coast Guard of the Ocean Commission. Today (22), the delivery ceremony was held at the Kaohsiung Plant of Taiwan Shipping Corporation. It was co-chaired by Chairman Li Zhongwei of the Oceanographic Commission and Chairman Zheng Wenlong of Taiwan Shipping Company. The ship was named in accordance with the “Basic Principles for the Naming of Ships of the Maritime Commission’s Coast Guard” and will be deployed in the “Northern Region Mobile Coast Guard” after delivery.

“Hsinchu Ship” is the second of the four 4,000-ton frigates commissioned by Taiwan Shipping Company to build the “Preparation for the Development of Coastal Cruisers” by the Maritime Commission’s Coast Guard. This type of ship has a displacement of up to 5,044 tons at full load, can withstand strong winds of level 10, has an endurance of 10,000 nautical miles, and is equipped with 3 sets of high-pressure water cannons with a range of 120 meters, which can be an important equipment for sea patrol units to rely on when performing tasks at sea. The ship is also equipped with sophisticated professional medical equipment, the specifications are equivalent to the field hospital level. The whole ship can also be used as a medical ambulance ship to perform humanitarian rescue missions. Anti-submarine helicopter operations are of great help to marine rescue energy. The main equipment of this series of ships, in addition to the main propulsion system, are more special systems such as front and rear auxiliary side thrusters and stabilizers, which can improve berthing maneuverability and reduce hull roll during sailing. Going to sea to perform duties in bad weather, and these special designs of this type of ship can help improve dangerous tasks in big waves. In appearance, the word “TAIWAN” is painted on the broadside of the ship, which can not only improve the recognition of our ships, but also represent Taiwan, the Republic of China, and continue to protect our country’s blue country.

Taiwan Shipping Company cooperates with the government’s national shipbuilding policy. In addition to the turnkey case of four “Chiayi-class” frigates, 15 100-ton patrol and rescue boats and 6 1,000-ton frigates, including 1,000-ton frigates, are under construction at the Keelung plant. The wheel control system of the frigate is developed and installed by the Taiwanese ship itself and has obtained the type approval of the China Ship Survey Center (CR), a consortium. .

In the future, Taiwan Shipping Company will integrate the existing enterprise management information system to ensure the excellent quality of the national shipbuilding and the excellent follow-up maintenance services, effectively drive the employment market of related domestic industries, and cultivate outstanding talents in the shipbuilding industry. An important promoter of the policy of “National Shipbuilding and National Shipbuilding”, he strives to improve technology and quality. As the strongest backing of my country’s national defense force and shipbuilding industry, it lives up to the expectations of the Chinese people for Taiwan Shipping Company.

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