Vympel Workers Repairing Shmel in the Victory Museum

Vympel workers repaired the Shmel boat at the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow. Before May 9, Vympel General Director Yevgeny Norenko was asked to renew the boat by Innokenty Innokentievich Nalyotov, chairman of the Marine Guard Veterans Club, to the General Director of Vympel.

For the performance of work, the master of the ship finishing and metal processing workshop was sent to Moscow.

Vympel employees have been restoring the boat for several years. The exhibit of the museum is located in an open area, because of which the building is seriously affected.

A large amount of work has been done: cleaning the underwater part and hull of the vessel, cutting, weapons, priming and painting.

The project 1204 Bumblebee-class river artillery boat was intended for patrolling and guarding water lines, fighting enemy ships, providing artillery support to landing and border detachments, and transporting personnel and cargo.

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