KRI Alugoro Holds Vigil Over Site of Siter’s Loss Off Bali

To commemorate one year after the tragedy of KRI Nanggala-402, Soldiers of KRI Alugoro-405 carried out the sowing of flowers and prayers together at the sea waters of Bali, the implementation of the sowing of flowers and a prayer together to commemorate the Soldiers of KRI Nanggala-402 were directly led by the Commander of KRI Alugoro-405 Marine Lt. Col. (F) Ahmad Nur Taufiq. Wednesday (19/04).

This activity was carried out to commemorate the services of 53 warriors from ABK KRI Nanggala-402 who died on duty in the waters north of Bali on April 25, 2021 ago and were declared in the Eternal Patrol to carry out state duties.

Commander of KRI Alugoro-405 Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Ahmad Nur Taufiq, in his message conveyed that this flower-laying and joint prayer activity was a form of respect and appreciation for the patriots of the Nation who had fallen before us, as well as sympathy for the families who had passed away. one year left.

“This activity is a form of our devotion to God Almighty, as well as a tribute to the services of the knights of KRI Nanggala-402 who have died in carrying out their duties.” explained Lt. Col. Ahmad Nur Taufik as the commander of KRI Alugoro-405.

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