Chilean Maritime Authority Oversees Strait of Magellan

As has been the case in recent decades, the international fishing fleet transits through the Strait of Magellan between the months of April and May, transferring ships from the area of operation in the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

It is in this way that the Maritime Authority performs different control tasks in its transit, coordinating the embarkation of pilots from Possession Bay and the formation of convoys, ships that transit making use of the International Law of Innocent Passage in national waters.

The Port Captain of Punta Delgada, Petty Officer Claudio Villarroel, pointed out that “each convoy is made up of 6 ships and has an approximate length of 8 to 10 miles, maintaining an average speed of 8 knots”, complementing that “a constant monitoring of its transit through our area of responsibility”.

During this transit to change the area of operation of the international fishing fleet, around 200 boat-type vessels are expected, which do not call at national ports and must comply with the transit regulations established by the Maritime Authority.

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