Finnish Navy PASSEX With HDMS Esbern Sare in the Baltic Sea

The Navy conducted the PASSEX exercise with the Danish frigate Esbern Sare in the Baltic Sea on April 10-16, 2022. From Finland, the naval missile boat Tornio and the minesweeper Vahterpää and the Border Guard’s security aircraft Dornier took part in the training event.

The purpose of the PASSEX exercise is to develop the multinational interoperability of the Navy. This week’s exercise was related to sea transport, where equipment related to the Arrow 22 exercise led by the Army was brought to Finland.

-Protection of maritime connections is one of the main tasks of the Navy and this week we got to practice it as part of JEF’s cooperation with international partners. As a JEF co-operation, we have not carried out a similar exercise before, says Commander Juhapekka Rautava , Commander of the Navy’s Operations .

JEF co-operation between the Navy has become more active in recent years. The aim of cooperation is to develop military capabilities, prevent crises and, if necessary, work together in crisis situations. JEF’s main operating environment is Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea region.

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