KRI Banjarmasin Rotates Troops in Tarakan, North Kalimantan

KRI Banjarmasin-592 has arrived and docked at the Lantamal XIII pier in Tarakan, North Kalimantan in the context of the debarkation of 450 soldiers from Battalion Raider 613/Raja Alam who retired from duty in carrying out border security operations between RI-PNG Puncak Jaya, Monday (11/4)

Commander of KRI Banjarmasin-592 Marine Lieutenant Colonel (P) Bambang Purnomo said in general the support for military sea transportation for the Yonif Raider 613/Raja Alam military service can be carried out properly, safely and smoothly according to the orders of the top command. Until the debarkation process is complete, the cooperation and solidity between the soldiers of KRI BJM-592 and the soldiers of Battalion Raider 613/Raja Alam are still clearly visible. Even between them, there has been an emotional relationship and close communication which is expected to be able to bring synergy in the future, as has always been emphasized by the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Yudo Margono.

During the process of shifting troops from Papua to Tarakan, the Commander of the Military Seaborne Command Rear Admiral Erwin S. Aldedharma always followed every activity carried out by KRI Banjarmasin-592. The Commander of Kolinlamil is very grateful for the gift from God Almighty, with the arrival of KRI BJM-592 in Tarakan means that one task has been completed.

“To the commanders and soldiers of KRI Banjarmasin-592, I thank you for all your efforts in carrying out the assignment of the Infantry Battalion 613/Raja Alam serpas properly, safely and smoothly. The next assignment is waiting, for that, prepare personnel and materials for KRI Banjarmasin-592 to escort the 512/Quratara Yudha Mechanized Battalion soldiers to arrive safely in Surabaya.” said the Commander of Kolinlamil.

Commander Kolinlamil again reminded all soldiers of KRI Banjarmasin-592 to continue to show their identity as ocean explorer soldiers by always providing the best service and fostering cooperation and solidity with other dimension soldiers who are currently on board so that synergy can be established as expected by the Head Navy Staff Admiral Yudo Margono.

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