Submarine Ride an Honor for Sheean Family

Family members of Victoria Cross for Australia recipient Ordinary Seaman the late Edward ‘Teddy’ Sheean have experienced life at sea in the Royal Australian Navy submarine named after him.

They had a sea ride in HMAS Sheean in the Bass Strait on April 7, departing from Low Head on Tasmania’s north coast.

Commanding Officer of Sheean, Commander Tim Markusson, said it was wonderful to have the opportunity to show the Sheean family through the boat.

“It is a proud day for my crew and I to welcome aboard the family of Teddy Sheean after whom our boat is named,” Commander Markusson said.

“His story and how he fought so bravely in HMAS Armidale during World War II is an inspiration to the team.”

Ordinary Seaman Sheean died when Armidale I was sunk in 1942 off the Timorese coast.

As the ship sank, he strapped himself in to an anti-aircraft gun and opened fire at enemy aircraft.

During their sea ride, the Sheean family received an overview of submarine operations, including diving the submarine, and a tour of the control and motor rooms.

“I have been like a kid waiting for his Christmas present and today it has all arrived,” Mr Ivory said.

“It has just been fantastic.”

Teddy’s great-nephew Dennis Sheean said it was a huge honor to spend a day in the Collins-class submarine.

“It is an amazing piece of machinery,” he said.

The family chatted with the commanding officer and crew.

They had lunch in the junior sailors mess, where lamb bourguignon, pulled beef with coleslaw and duck a l`orange were on the menu, which impressed the Sheean family members.

“The crew could pull into port anywhere and open a restaurant and make a few extra dollars,” Dennis Sheean said.

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