KRI Salawaku Carried Out the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT)

Elements under the Lantamal V Patrol Vessel Unit, KRI Salawaku – 842 carried out the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) 1 x 24 hours in the waters around the waters of the Java Sea, Friday (08/04). On this occasion, the Commander of Lantamal V, First Admiral of the TNI, Yoos Suryono Hadi, was present to directly review the suitability and feasibility of the results of the overhaul or repair that had been carried out.

Moving from Surabaya, the elements of the Lantamal V Patrol Vessel Unit sailed to Tanjung Paciran in the Lamongan area of ​​East Java and returned to Surabaya. A series of tests and tests were carried out by KRI Salawaku – 842 on this voyage, to the implementation of refresher training for the personnel of these elements, particularly in the operational aspect.

In addition, KRI Salawaku-842 also carries out Mine Field Transit (MFT) Exercises, which is a procedure for passing through minefields, or a guiding process through a breakthrough in minefields for the safety and security of personnel and the ship itself, together with KAL Warakas.

“This is in line with the Daily Order of the Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) Admiral Yudo Magono, one of which emphasizes increasing the readiness and preparedness of the Integrated Fleet Weapon System which has high locomotion and firepower,” said Commander Lantamal V.

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