KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda Hosts UNIFIL Meeting

The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Yudo Margono, emphasized that wherever the Navy is located, it must provide benefits to the people, and be quick to respond to the problems and difficulties of the people.

Just like the SAR Team of the Indonesian Navy at the Palembang Naval Base (Lanal), which consisted of Babinpotmar (Nintel for the Development of Maritime Potential) Nipah Panjang, managed to save a Thai-flagged yacht from being hit by a storm in the waters of Nipah Panjang. The incident began on Sunday (03/04) at 09.57 WIB, the Regional Coordinator of Binpotmar Nipah Panjang Peltu Mes Melfry and Serma Mes Bambang Jumadi received a report from fishermen that a foreign ship was hit by a storm at sea and tried to take cover by entering the Nipah Panjang waters. East Tanjung Jabung Regency, Jambi Province. Following up on the report, the Korwil Binpotmar Nipah Panjang immediately reported to the top command and coordinated with KSOP to carry out scouting and evacuation of the foreign ship. Furthermore, Babinpotmar Nipah Panjang together with fishermen went directly to the Nipah Panjang shipping lane to conduct SAR in collaboration with KSOP trying to guide the foreign ship to enter the Nipah Panjang shipping lane.

Finally, at 11.05 WIB, the foreign ship managed to arrive at the Nipah Panjang shipping lane and anchored in the waters of Nipah Panjang as determined and data were collected on the foreign personnel onboard and the ship on board. The data obtained from this incident is that the Yacht ship with the name Sun Trek, , has a Thai flag, GT 16.32, Port of origin from Pattaya Thailand with the aim of shipping to the final port of Australia. Yachts carry out tourist cruises, departing from Thailand since November 22, 2021, with the Pattaya Route to Thailand, Batam, Dabo Singkep, Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Timor Leste, Papua and the final destination is Australia.

The yacht has two passengers, namely on behalf of Mr. Troy James Wild, Born December 01, 1980, WN Australia, as Master and Blake James Wild, Born June 23, 2005, WN Australia (son of Mr. Troy James Wild). The plan is for the yacht to resume sailing on Monday (04/04) if the weather is favorable. The Commander of Lanal Palembang, Marine Colonel (F) Widyo Sasongko, was contacted separately to convey, thank you and feel proud to Babinpotmar Nipah Panjang Peltu Mes Melfry and Serma Mes Bambang Jumadi for the steps taken quickly in dealing with the incident, so that the Yacht can avoid this incident. -bad things that might happen. This is the news from the Navy Information Service.

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