Latouche-Tréville Rraining With NATO Allies in the Baltic

Deployed in the Baltic Sea, the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville conducted training maneuvers on 18 March with the Danish frigate HDMS Esbern Snare , the American destroyer USS Forrest Sherman and the British frigate HMS Richmond. These exercises make it possible to strengthen interoperability between allied navies within the NATO framework.

These interactions gave rise to a series of varied exercises: tactical developments, anti-submarine warfare and cross-aircraft maneuvers between the helicopter on board the Latouche-Tréville and the MH-60s of the Danish and American navies.

These exercises are part of the continuity of the stopover that the Latouche-Tréville made in Frederikshavn in Denmark from March 11 to 16. On this occasion, several official meetings took place with the Danish military authorities to prepare for this mutual training. The Latouche-Tréville sailors also had the opportunity to go to the Danish Navy training center to visit their navigation simulator and thus better understand the Danish Navy’s training methods.

Cooperation between allies and members of NATO translates into a common desire to strengthen our interoperability and our ability to carry out coordinated actions and guarantee the security of the Baltic Sea, a strategic maritime area.

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