Portuguese Navy Assists in War on Drugs

The Portuguese Navy, together with the National Maritime Authority, the Judiciary Police and the Portuguese Air Force participated yesterday, March 9, in a joint operation in international waters, south of Portugal, which resulted in the arrest of six individuals and the seizure of of 44 bales of hashish, with a total weight of about 1600kg, as well as the seizure of a vessel, due to strong suspicions of the crime of illicit drug trafficking.

​​​​​​Following an aerial monitoring carried out by an Air Force aircraft, there was a suspected situation of illicit transport of narcotics by sea, about 53 nautical miles (approximately 98 kilometers) south of the territory continent, and a joint operation was immediately launched, articulated between the Regional Command of the Southern Maritime Police and the Judiciary Police. Two vessels with elements of the Maritime Police and the Navy’s boarding platoon were activated, as well as a speedboat inspection by the Navy.

After the interception of the suspect vessel, with the support of the air, an approach was made to the vessel, and the six crew members who were on board were detained and then transported to the port of Faro. At the place where the vessel was intercepted, it was possible to detect and collect 44 bales of drugs.

The 44 bales of hashish, with a total weight of around 1600 kg, were seized as a precautionary measure, as well as the vessel on which the suspects were traveling.

​The crew of the vessel were detained and will be brought to court. The investigation continues by the Judiciary Police.

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