Clemenceau 22 Support Operation EUFOR ALTHEA

While the international situation has deteriorated sharply in Eastern Europe, the carrier battle group (GAN) operates from the central Mediterranean, from where it contributes to the reinforcement of NATO’s deterrent and defensive posture on the eastern flank of the Europe. It participates in the Enhanced Vigilance Activities (EVA) system in Romanian and Bulgarian airspace while contributing to the EUFOR ALTHEA operation in Bosnia.

France has offered to contribute to the EUFOR ALTHEA operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The GAN contributes to this European Union operation, which mobilizes NATO command resources.

Rafale Marines from the Airborne Group (GAé) on the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle have thus been engaged to carry out missions in the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of the precautionary measures carried out by EUFOR ALTHEA. A first patrol of two Rafale Marines was thus projected on March 8, 2022 for a reconnaissance mission, marking French support for the European Union’s continued commitment to a stable and secure environment in this region.

By combining this commitment with its participation in NATO’s heightened vigilance missions, the GAN thus illustrates its versatility in the service of French military strategy.

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