Charles de Gaulle CSG Protecting NATO’s Eastern Flank

Since March 3, the Carrier Strike Group (GAN) has reoriented its operational effort by participating in the deterrent and defensive posture of NATO’s eastern flank. For this, the GAN operates from the central Mediterranean.

The deployment of the GAN in the Mediterranean allows aircraft from the Airborne Group (GAé) to conduct missions under the enhanced vigilance system, or Enhanced Vigilance Activities (eVA), in Romanian and Bulgarian airspace. These are surveillance and air defense missions, carried out by the Rafale Marine, but also early warning and airborne command missions, carried out by the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft . All GAN ​​units contribute directly to NATO’s defense and deterrence posture, by strengthening situational awareness capabilities from the central Mediterranean to the eastern Mediterranean and by deterring any attempts to obstruct our freedom of action.

On Saturday March 5, an E-2C Hawkeye aerial lookout aircraft was thus projected from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier into Bulgarian airspace in order to carry out a sky surveillance mission and participate in monitoring the tactical situation at the Ukrainian border and in the Black Sea.

A patrol of two Rafale Marines was also catapulted and was able to operate for more than three hours in Romanian airspace as part of an air defense mission. The two fighters of the on-board air group were refueled in flight by an A330 Phénix from the Air and Space Force.

The war launched by Russia against Ukraine constitutes a major risk for the security of Europe. Although they are not directly involved in this war, the French armies are directly concerned, in particular within the framework of our participation in various dissuasive and defensive devices of the countries of the Eastern flank of NATO.

In this perspective, the carrier battle group is fully committed to strengthening the strategic solidarity which is the foundation of the Atlantic Alliance and adopts, in all circumstances, a defensive, reactive and non-aggressive posture. This new phase of the CLEMENCEAU 22 mission illustrates the capabilities of responsiveness, versatility, mobility and endurance of the carrier battle group, deployed in the Mediterranean since February 1.

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