Red Sea Amphibious Exercise for Mission Jeanne d’Arc

On February 26, 2022, the JEANNE D’ARC group – made up of the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Mistral and the La Fayette Type Frigate (FLF) Courbet – carried out an amphibious exercise with the Egyptian armed forces in the Red Sea.

The tactical maneuver was prepared and conducted by the French maritime rapid reaction force headquarters (COMFRMARFOR). As part of this exercise, a qualification in amphibious techniques 2 (TECHPHIB2) was issued to pilots from the detachments of the JEANNE D’ARC group: a first step before the large-scale joint exercise WAKRI 22 which will soon take place in Djibouti.

The JEANNE D’ARC group and the Egyptian armed forces jointly participated in a first combined amphibious exercise in the Red Sea in order to perfect their interoperability.

In the tactical scenario, the frigate Courbet and the Egyptian frigate Alexandria operated together in order to obtain local air-sea superiority.

On the coastal fringe, the PHA Mistral and the amphibious flotilla (FLOBPHIB) landed the Embedded Battle Group (GTE) of the Army, reinforced with soldiers from the Egyptian special forces.

Under the tactical guidance of COMFRMARFOR, the maneuver consisted of simulating an amphibious assault on a beach in an area of ​​heavy maritime traffic. The maneuver took place in three phases: the seizure and reconnaissance of the beach, the amphibious assault with the landing of the GTE sub-group (SGTE) and finally its disengagement.

This tactical exercise confirms the joint dynamics of the deployment with the participation of 130 French and Egyptian soldiers and the mobilization of around thirty Army vehicles. The first training of the JEANNE D’ARC group on land, this realistic immersion allowed the officer-students of the Naval Officer Application School (GEAOM) to practice operational simulation in an inter-allied setting.

In this area of ​​strategic interest where the French presence contributes to maintaining regional stability and maritime security, this military cooperation action illustrates the combined vocation of the JEANNE D’ARC mission. At the same time, this qualification training is fully in line with the intensification of the operational preparation of the French armies.

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