Project 955A Prince Vladimir Sea Trials in White Sea

May 16, 2020 (Google Translation) – The new strategic missile submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir, which performs the tasks of a control exit before being transferred to the Northern Fleet, has embarked on an underwater test in the White Sea.

Since May 12, the crew acted in the surface position, checking the navigation and maneuverability of the ship. Tests of the cruiser under water are provided by two tugboats of the White Sea Naval Base and the rescue ship Mikhail Rudnitsky.

During the tests, the acceptance commission of the plant together with the crew checks the quality of the elimination of previously identified comments and the operability of all systems and mechanisms of the submarine.

After the successful completion of the control exit, the issue of the time period for the inclusion of a new ship in the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet and the transition to a permanent base on the Kola Peninsula will be resolved.

The bulk of the tests, including missile and underwater firing, by the SSBN “Prince Vladimir” passed at the end of 2019 in providing the forces of the White Sea Naval Base of the Northern Fleet.

Strategic-purpose missile submarine cruiser Prince Vladimir is the lead ship of advanced project 955, Borey-A. Compared to previous cruisers of the project 955, it is distinguished by the contours of the hull, low noise, and an improved control system. The ship is armed with the Bulava ICBM complex and modern torpedo weapons.

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