CNS Puerto Natales Services Aids to Navigation

Between February 24 and March 1, through LSG 1617 “Puerto Natales”, specialist personnel from the Zonal Center for Maritime Signaling dependent on the Punta Arenas Maritime Government carried out various maintenance and re-ignition tasks of Aids to Navigation .

The works, carried out in the sector of the Fallos channel, Wide channel and Guia narrows, were carried out together with tasks of replenishment and replacement of naval servers in Faro “Islote Fairway”.

In this way, the Unit traveled around 900 nautical miles, equivalent to more than 1,620 kilometers, carrying out tasks in various meteorological conditions, achieving the fulfillment of the different established tasks by working hard in isolated areas of the national territory.

One of the main tasks carried out by the LSG was to work on the light signal located at Punta Porpoise, which had an obstruction in its light beam, which was resolved with the implementation of an additional two-meter-high metal tower, with the aim to overcome the vegetation and maintain the optimal functioning and visualization by the different ships that transit in the sector.

The Commander of the LSG 1617 “Puerto Natales”, 1st Littoral Rafael González, pointed out that “the work carried out is essential to safeguard human life at sea and safe navigation, working incessantly during the commission all the servers of the Unit , overcoming adverse weather conditions, which did not prevent the fulfillment of the entrusted tasks”.

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