DLA Puget Sound Supports USS Ohio Modernization

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Puget Sound, Washington, is supporting a project that involves the complete overhaul and modernization of the USS Ohio.

The “Ohio Project” is a multi-mission platform involving all support shops within the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as well as DLA Distribution Puget Sound. The project began Feb. 22 and will last almost two years to completion.

DDPW’s retail operations is supporting the endeavor with four teams consisting of 60 people as well as a 12-person hazmat team that have realigned their schedules, working 24/6 shift, ending at midnight Saturday nights in support of the Ohio project. Sundays are scheduled for call back support as needed.

Retail operations provide storage and distribution, receiving and bulk receiving functions for over 3,800 mission support material, 95 thousand direct material inventory and 1,400 of the ship’s locker inventory line items.

“The shipyard support codes have moved to a 50/30/20 workload as opposed to the majority, about 70% of the workload being on dayshift as it previously was,” said Rachell Atchley, DDPW’s director of Retail Operations. “DDPW has had to realign our manning to support the varied shifts and days, now to include Saturday and a graveyard shift to support this project.”

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