FS Charles de Gaulle in Operation CHAMMAL for 7th Time

As part of its CLEMENCEAU 22 deployment, the Naval Air Group (GAN), articulated around the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle , is engaged for the 7th time in Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of the international operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) .

The education and training of the Iraqi armed forces have become a pillar of this commitment. From February 14 to 23, the fighter pilots of the Embedded Air Group (GAé) aboard the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle contributed, with the pilots of the Air and Space Force, to training at the the benefit of Iraqi armed forces tactical controllers, through the sharing of know-how in terms of conducting ground attack aircraft. This training ended with training in firing laser guided bombs (GBU) and modular air-to-ground weapons (AASM) by Rafale Marines with Iraqi tactical controllers.

This training and training is fully integrated into the bilateral military cooperation between France and Iraq, which aims to advise local forces and participate in stabilizing the security situation on site. These activities are also part of the evolution of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE , now essentially focused on supporting Iraqi forces: advise, assist and facilitate .

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