Germany Virtue Signals FGS Alster to the Baltic Sea

On Saturday, February 26, 2022 at 12 p.m., the fleet service boat “Alster” will set sail for the Baltic Sea to be the eyes and ears not only for the Navy but for the entire Bundeswehr. The Oste-class fleet service craft is a reconnaissance vessel specializing in maritime and coastal surveillance. They use particularly efficient electronic, hydroacoustic and electro-optical sensors for this purpose.

The current reason for this measure is the Russia-Ukraine crisis, which is currently escalating, and the increased threat that Germany’s partners in Eastern Europe in particular perceive. “The German Navy, the Bundeswehr and the entire alliance now need a reliable picture of the situation. In addition to other activities, the Navy also contributes to this with the fleet service boat ‘Alster’,” emphasizes Vice Admiral Jan C. Kaack (59), commander of the fleet.

The intensification of activities on the northern flank is a concrete expression of the German Navy’s close ties with its alliance partners. Our allies and alliance partners can rely on the German Navy to make its contribution to strengthening NATO’s operational and defense readiness.

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