Mission Asia 2022: PASSEX with the Malaysian Navy

On February 21, 2022, the Surveillance Frigate (FS) Vendémiaire, on patrol in the South China Sea, carried out an exercise (PASSEX) with KD Selangor, a combat vessel of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

After radio exchanges, the two ships got into formation in order to carry out refueling presentations at sea (PRERAM). This tricky maneuver for the watchkeeper places the ships within 50 meters of each other. Once in position, a distance line was sent by one of the vessels in order to easily assess the lateral deviation, which constitutes the benchmark of the maneuvering vessel.

At the same time, this line also allows parcels to be exchanged between ships. After three such presentations, and a final salute, the Sengalor and the Vendémiaire were able to continue their patrols in international waters.

Over the past few days, the Vendémiaire has carried out a number of interactions with naval vessels from several Indo-Pacific countries. This cooperation is an excellent means of developing inter-allied interoperability within the framework of France’s multilateral approach in this region.

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