CTF150 Drug Bust for Guepratte

On February 17, 2022, the La Fayette (FLF) type frigate Guépratte destroyed more than 270 kg of heroin seized from a dhow in the Gulf of Oman.

While the FLF Guépratte was patrolling in support associated with the Combined task force (CTF) 150, she was informed of the presence of dhows carrying drugs. The embarked Detachment 36F Panther helicopter then took off to locate the suspect dhow.

After having followed it around the Gulf of Oman, the Guépratte proceeded to visit this dhow. More than 270 kg of heroin thrown into the water by the crew of the dhow during the visit were then fished out, seized and destroyed.

This is the first seizure for the Guépratte, engaged in Operation AGENOR, military pillar of the EMASoH mission “European-led Maritime Awareness in the Straight of Hormuz”, responsible for carrying out surveillance missions for the benefit of traffic trade in the Strait of Hormuz and its approaches, as well as the independent assessment of the situation of the European Union in this region.

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