Pyotr Velikiy Conducts ASW Training in the Barents Sea

The crew of the flagship of the Northern Fleet, the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, worked out an exercise to search for submarines of a mock enemy during a planned exit to the Barents Sea.

The exercise involved combat crews of the combat information center, hydroacoustic groups, navigators and personnel of the mine-torpedo warhead, who conditionally fired the Vodopad anti-submarine system at given coordinates. The exercise took place at the Northern Fleet’s combat training ranges in the Barents Sea.

The crew of the cruiser will perform combat training missions at sea for several days. During the anchorage in an unprotected roadstead, the sailors will conduct an anti-submarine and sabotage defense exercise with setting up an external watch for PPDO and practical grenade throwing.

After completing all the assigned tasks, the Pyotr Veliky TARKR will return to the main base of the Northern Fleet – the city of Severomorsk.

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