Launch of Mission JEANNE D’ARC 2022

On February 18, 2022, the Amphibious Helicopter Carrier (PHA) Mistral and the La Fayette Type Frigate (FLF) Courbet set sail from the port of Toulon marking the start of the JEANNE D’ARC 2022 mission.

From the flight deck of the PHA Mistral , the military ceremony preceding the departure was presided over by Admiral Pierre Vandier, Chief of the Naval Staff (CEMM), in the presence in particular of the vice-admiral of the squadron Guillaume Goutay, Director of Navy Military Personnel (DPMM), Wing Vice-Admiral Xavier Baudouard, Commander of the Naval Action Force (ALFAN), Rear Admiral Benoit Baudonnière, Commander of the Naval Academy ( ALENAV) and Lieutenant General Vincent Guionie, Commander of Land Forces (COMFT). The presence of senior authorities from the French Navy and the Army illustrates the joint ambition of the JEANNE D’ARC 2022 mission.

The JEANNE D’ARC joint force group is made up of the crews of the PHA Mistral and the FLF Courbet , the Navy Officers Application School (EAOM), the Embedded Tactical Group (GTE) of the Army as well as detachments of the 35F flotilla and the amphibious flotilla (FLOPHIB).

During the 5-month mission, the JEANNE D’ARC group will be successively deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, then in the Indian Ocean before joining the Atlantic Ocean. The presence of the JEANNE D’ARC group will deliver excellent training to train all student officers and will help to strengthen interoperability with our allies and local partners by conducting large-scale exercises.

Throughout its deployment, the JEANNE D’ARC 2022 group will maintain knowledge and an appreciation of the situation in the areas crossed while contributing to maritime security. Its mission is part of the French defense strategy in the Indian Ocean, affirming the interest of France, a neighboring nation, for this area. It also contributes to France’s sovereignty missions in its maritime areas, and strengthens cooperation with its main strategic partners in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic.

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