Sevmash Forms Project 11442M Commissioning Team

At Sevmash (part of the USC), they began to form and train the commissioning team of the project 11442 M ship. The crew will include workers, builders, commissioning and testing engineers, designers, technologists and specialists of other professions. In total, there will be more than a thousand people in the delivery team.

Repair and modernization of the cruiser project 11442 M is carried out at the Sevmash embankment. Large-scale internal work has been launched on the ship: installation of equipment, systems and complexes, painting and insulation of premises. As the responsible deliverer Vladimir Pavlov explains, the amount of work on the ship is colossal. Over 5,000 pieces of equipment and more than a million different products will be loaded and installed on the cruiser. About 200 kilometers of pipelines and 1,800 kilometers of cable will be laid on the future flagship of the surface fleet. All electrical work is carried out by specialists of the Arktika enterprise. The approach to ship repair is modern. For the development of documentation, the designer – Severnoye Design Bureau – created a 3D model of the cruiser.

After completion of all work at the embankment, the ship will go to sea. The commissioning team and the military crew will check the cruiser in all modes.

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