Erfurt Deploying for UNIFIL Duty

On Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 2 p.m., the corvette “Erfurt” and the “Delta” crew will leave their home port of Warnemünde to take part in the UNIFIL mission (United Nations Interims Force in Lebanon) off the Lebanese coast.

Under the command of frigate captain Axel Burmeister (40), the ship will carry out maritime surveillance and support the training of the Lebanese Navy during the five-month absence.

Monitoring will be carried out in cooperation with other nations involved in the UN mission, which currently include Turkey, Greece, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

A particular challenge for the 63-strong crew is not only the deployment in a tense region in the eastern Mediterranean and the absence from home, but also the limited ability to leave the ship abroad under corona conditions.

“My crew will also be up to this challenge thanks to their strong collective self-confidence. This has already been clearly shown by the demanding operational training, past participation in maneuvers and past operations,” said the commander, Frigate Captain Burmeister. “We will make a significant contribution as part of the international maritime association and demonstrate both quality and our resilience.”

The crew is expected back home at the end of July.

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