Carrier Battle Group Trains with Cypriot National Guard

On February 14, four Rafale Marines from the air group on board the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle carried out a ground/air defense exercise with the National Guard of the Republic of Cyprus.

During this training called TALOS 2022, French pilots practiced conducting attacks against land-based ground/air defense systems. For its part, the Cypriot National Guard was able to test its defense against air attacks.

This joint training sequence is a marker of trust and cooperation between the French armies and the Cypriot National Guard . Cyprus, by its geographical position, is an important strategic point of support for the French armies which can in particular conduct operational breaks there at short notice, including for the carrier battle group, or even deploy aircraft there on the air base of Paphos. .

Maintaining mutual knowledge of our defense systems demonstrates the common desire of France and the Republic of Cyprus, both members of the European Union, to improve their level of cooperation and to contribute together to the security of the maritime approaches to Europe.

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