Italian Navy Carrier Joins US Navy and French Navy

In recent days, an intense trilateral training activity has taken place in the Ionian Sea between the Italian, US and French aircraft carrier groups, with the aim of developing and consolidating interoperability and cooperation between the three allied navies.

On 6 February, a significant trilateral activity took place in the waters of the Ionian Sea which saw the interaction of three different aircraft carrier groups: the Italian one formed by Cavour shipand three other naval escort units, the US of the USS Harry S. Trumanwith four other escort units and the French one, which includes the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle and a further seven escort units plus a submarine.

Operating in the prestigious allied multinational context characterized by the simultaneous presence at sea of ​​three aircraft carrier units, the Italian Carrier Strike Group , under the command of Division Admiral Vincenzo Montanaro , commander of the Second Naval Division of Taranto on board the Cavour aircraft carrier , escorted by missile destroyer Andrea Doriaand from FREMM frigate Marceglia, with the support of Stromboli refueling station, has carried out multiple training activities aimed at consolidating and increasing interoperability between the three allied navies in the broad spectrum of air and naval operations.

In detail, particular emphasis was placed on training in the conduct of fixed-wing flight operations, with the aim of training the pilots, bridge crews and operations centers of the units in the synergistic and safe management of the delicate take-off activities and fitting of multiple types of aircraft on board. The training was also aimed at increasing the mutual defense capabilities of naval forces from airborne threat and more generally the escort capabilities of the related groups. During the interaction, traditional telecommunications exercises were also conducted, data exchange between combat operations centers and kinematic maneuvers in formation,

The activities of these days confirm the will of the three allied navies, among the most modern and advanced in the world, to cooperate and train to ensure readiness and credibility in protecting the common objectives of peace and security.

At the end of the activities between the three aircraft carrier groups, an “exchange of squares” was organized which saw the participation of 12 young officers, non-commissioned officers and graduates of the Navy aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Truman . On the other hand, it should be emphasized that Nave Cavour was chosen as a meeting point for the admirals commanding the 3 aircraft carrier groups present, demonstrating the fact that Italy is actually a fundamental point of reference within the Mediterranean, the “Sea Nostrum ”, especially when it comes to developing projects related to increasing interoperability between aircraft carrier groups.

The crews and vehicles of the Naval Squad have demonstrated standards of readiness and flexibility adequate to effectively carry out the tasks of defense at sea and from the sea, maritime security and protection of national strategic interests.

The activities carried out with the French and American aircraft carrier group were therefore not only a simple opportunity for training and exchange of experiences for the crews, but also gave a strong sign of transatlantic unity, a precious opportunity to consolidate the ties and relations between Countries linked by vital interests on the sea.

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