Technical Instruction for the Benefit of the Togolese Navy

From January 23 to February 5, 2022, the specialists of the naval station of the French Elements in Senegal (EFS) contributed to the reinforcement of the capacities of the Togolese navy relating to the maintenance in operational condition of light boats.

The Togolese sailors at the Lomé naval station have acquired new knowledge relating to the repair of fiber hulls and tires as well as the repair of outboard motors.

Through practical courses on inspections of 300 horsepower outboard motors, the use of the diagnostic case or the repair of fibres, the sailors of the EFS passed on their knowledge to their Togolese counterparts by practicing on light boats in supply in Togo.

Sharing knowledge with partner armies is a major area of ​​effort for the EFS. It contributes directly to the strengthening of local armed forces ensuring maritime security in their territorial waters.

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