Icebreaker Buran Keep Sea Lanes Open for Baltic Fleet Ships

The crew of the diesel-electric icebreaker “Buran” of the Leningrad naval base of the Baltic Fleet of the Western Military District (ZVO) carried out ice breaking in the waters of the Gulf of Finland to maintain the constant readiness of warships and navigation of civilian ships.

The average ice thickness, despite the warm weather at the base points, reaches 40 cm, in connection with this, work was carried out to break the ice. In addition, the icebreaker provides ice escort to the Baltic Sea for warships and, free of charge, for civilian ships.

The crews of the Buran icebreaker and the road tug RB-393, which are part of the auxiliary fleet of the Western Military District, also conducted an exercise to rescue the tug from ice captivity and return to the home base.

Icebreakers of this class (Project 97) were designed to operate in difficult ice conditions. This type of icebreaker is the most massive in its class. On its basis, border guard ships, as well as hydrographic and research vessels were created.

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