Black Sea Fleet Minesweepers Train for Minelaying

The crews of the sea minesweepers (mtsch) “Valentin Pikul” and “Vitse-Admiral Zakharyin” of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) worked out the setting of minefields in one of the sea combat training ranges.

During the exercise, the crews of the minesweepers escorted the ships behind the trawls with the forcing of a simulated minefield, hit targets imitating sea mines from artillery guns, and also worked out the actions of artillery crews when repelling an air attack from a simulated enemy.

In addition, specialists from the mine-sweeping teams of both minesweepers carried out reconnaissance and control trawling, ensured the laying of fairways in minefields, carried out a training setting of a mine bank with subsequent selection.

The next stage in the combat training of the Black Sea Fleet’s minesweeping forces will be mine support for a planned joint exercise of homogeneous and heterogeneous naval tactical groups in the Black Sea.

In accordance with the Training Plan for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for 2022, in January-February, a series of naval exercises are being held in all areas of responsibility of the fleets under the general supervision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

The main focus of the exercises is to work out the actions of the Navy and the Aerospace Forces to protect Russian national interests in the World Ocean, as well as to counter the military threats of the Russian Federation from sea and ocean directions.

The exercises cover the waters of the seas adjacent to Russian territory, as well as operationally important areas of the World Ocean. Separate exercises will be held in the waters of the Mediterranean, North, Okhotsk Seas, in the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pacific Ocean.

In total, over 140 warships and support vessels, more than 60 aircraft, 1,000 units of military equipment, and about 10,000 servicemen are involved in the events.

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