Carrier Battle Group Reaches Full Operational Capacity

Since its departure from Toulon on February 1 , all the French and allied units of the Naval Air Group (GAN), formed around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , have trained intensively in all areas of combat and fields of conflict.

Rear-Admiral Cluzel, commander of the GAN, declared the full operational capability of this international air-sea force on February 5, 2022. The CLEMENCEAU 22 deployment is now continuing in the Mediterranean basin where it contributes to the defense of French and European interests.

This full operational capacity is confronted with numerous so-called “top of the spectrum” exercises, conducted as a formed force. From the first days, CLEMENCEAU22 was placed under the sign of interoperability by integrating numerous allied resources: an American maritime patrol aircraft P8 and the American destroyer USS Ross , the Greek frigate Adrias , the Spanish frigate Juan de Borbón , a Belgian helicopter detachment embarked on the air defense frigate Forbin as well as the Moroccan frigate Sultan Moulay Ismail. This preparation was marked by the operation with two aircraft carriers ( dual carrier operation) carried out on 4 and 5 February with the Italian carrier battle group, formed around the aircraft carrier Cavour .

All of the interactions carried out have made it possible to confirm a high level of interoperability between the French Navy and its partners and to attest to their common commitment to securing the Mediterranean basin.

In addition to aerial interactions with their allies, the pilots of the on-board air group carried out day and night landing retraining at a sustained pace, as well as training flights in various areas of combat: cannon fire, bombs on moving targets, rescue operation in hostile environment – Combat recovery .

These five days of ramp-up were used by the entire GAN to conduct operational preparation sequences in different areas. Many actions were repeated in order to be perfectly mastered: firing exercises against targets at sea, anti-aircraft, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, crossing a strait under threat, refueling at sea , reactions to a cyber threat and to information attacks, etc.

Now ready for combat, the GAN continues its deployment towards the Eastern Mediterranean where it will soon be engaged in Operation CHAMMAL, the French component of Operation INHERENT RESOLVE (OIR) which provides military support to local forces engaged in the fight against Daesh on their territory. The GAN will also ensure an autonomous situational awareness capability for France throughout the Mediterranean basin and will continue to develop cooperation with its various allies and partners in the region.

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