Charles de Gaulle Trains With ITS Cavour and USS Harry S Truman

From February 5 to 6, 2022, three Carrier Strike Groups, gathered around the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman , the Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle , carried out joint activities, implementing the “ plug and fight ” interoperability concept in high-end business areas.

This ” tri carrier operation ” concentrated 15 Allied buildings and their air assets in the maritime approaches to Europe. The first step before an interaction between allies is the connection of the communication and transmission networks. Secondly, air combat exercises were carried out by the air groups on board the aircraft carriers. During the decks, the Rafale, the American and Italian fighters have their skills in complex combat, in interactions of increasing complexity.

The success of this meeting confirms the high level of interoperability between these three NATO nations, which share many common challenges in the Mediterranean and particularly the defense of the European continent. It translates in a concrete way the ability of the French, American and Italian navies to jointly carry out complex operations on the high seas for the defense of the southern flank of Europe and their desire to advance their mutual knowledge.

The French carrier group, formed around the Charles de Gaulle , is continuing its CLEMENCEAU 22 deployment to the east of the Mediterranean. While the American GAN continues its deployment in the Mediterranean, the two forces continue their exchanges in the area where they will conduct new joint training.

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