French Navy Shadows Russian AGI Vasiliy Tatishchev

From January 23 to 26, 2022, several air and maritime resources were mobilized in the French maritime approaches, in the Mediterranean, to ensure the surveillance of the Russian intelligence collection vessel Vasiliy Tatishchev.

Falcon 50 maritime surveillance planes from the French Navy, Mirage 2000 fighters from the Air and Space Force, as well as the two La Fayette (FLF) type frigates Aconit and Surcouf thus took turns, under the orders of the commander of the Mediterranean maritime zone, to ensure the intentions and the kinematics of this ship.

Under the coordination of the Mediterranean Operations Center (COM), these resources have contributed to the Maritime Defense of the Territory (DMT) component of the Permanent Maritime Safeguarding Posture (PPSM), in conjunction with the French Navy’s signaling chain.

Throughout the transit of the Vasiliy Tatishchev, from the Gulf of Lion to Corsica, this surveillance was carried out in a professional manner and in accordance with the practices in force. The permanent and conspicuous presence of French military assets near the Vasiliy Tatishchev demonstrates France’s ability to monitor and protect its maritime approaches to the Mediterranean, in particular against its competitors.

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