Parramatta Home From South East Asian

May 12, 2020 – HMAS Parramatta and her 188-strong company have returned to the ship’s home port in Sydney following a three month overseas deployment – their second in the last eight months.

The 118-metre long Anzac Class Frigate left Fleet Base East at Garden Island on 3 February and visited Phuket, Thailand and Colombo, Sri Lanka prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

Following the spread of COVID-19 around the world, HMAS Parramatta cancelled all non-essential port visits and resupplied at sea with the assistance of partner navies. The crew also followed the whole-of-government health advice to reduce the risk of transmission.

The ship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Anita Nemarich, said that the deployment had come at a challenging time for the world but her ship’s company had demonstrated resilience throughout their 98 days away from home and remained focussed on the mission.

“Australia has a strong commitment to working collaboratively in the Indo-Pacific and Parramatta has taken every opportunity to engage with our fellow navies in the region during this deployment,” Commander Nemarich said.

“A significant part of maintaining a secure and safe maritime space is our readiness to deploy and work alongside our counterparts, strengthen our interoperability and be able to function together seamlessly.

“Parramatta returned from her last three-month overseas deployment in December last year, so for the crew to ready the ship, deploy again and sail some 24,640 nautical miles – particularly at this time – South East Asia deployment showed Australia’s strong commitment to our partners and to a secure and prosperous region.

Parramatta will remain ready to sail again until she enters scheduled post-deployment maintenance.

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