Another ARCIMS Uncrewed MCM System for the Royal Navy

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) has been contracted by the DE&S Mine Hunting Capability (MHC) Team to deliver a further ARCIMS uncrewed minehunting system for the UK Royal Navy (RN).

The uncrewed surface vessel based system named RNMB HYDRA complements the 4 existing ARCIMS systems (RNMBs HUSSAR, HALCYON, HARRIER and HAZARD) being supplied to the RN for mine sweeping and minehunting tasks.

Wes Galliver, Head of Surface Ship Systems Division said “I am delighted in the RN’s decision to make further investments into the capability offered by ARCIMS, which have been delivered and supported under the UK Sweep and Wilton projects. The flexibility of the platform to deliver across the MCM domain once again allows us to showcase the deployment of both our own payloads and those of 3rd parties.”

RNMB HYDRA will be fitted with advanced Sense and Avoid Autonomy, a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) and towed sidescan sonar. Command and Control will be from a Portable Command Centre (PCC) and combines UXV Autonomy software with Seebyte’s planning and analysis software.

The platform will be delivered to the Royal Navy by late 2022 and deployed for Operational Evaluation in early 2023.

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