Tegam Awarded Thermocouple Thermometer Contract with US Navy

May 12, 2020 – In 2017, the US Navy requested a proposal for a Temperature Meter to fulfill the technical requirements of their SCAT 4213. While application details were not disclosed for the temperature device, the Navy specifications were complete and demanded a great deal in precision, accuracy, durability, and price. TEGAM responded to this solicitation with the new 912B Dual Channel Handheld Digital Thermometer – part of TEGAM’s line of handheld thermocouple thermometers.

As Kevin Kaufman, Vice President of U.S. Government Sales, explains the 912B, “0.04% basic accuracy, 2000 hours of battery life, and MIL-spec construction of the 912B gives our Navy technicians a level of confidence not available in the past. TEGAM works hard to not only meet but to exceed those requirements, because we understand what is on the line.”

TEGAM was awarded the 5-year contract to supply these digital instruments to the United States Navy. The solution, a TEGAM Model 912B Thermocouple Thermometer outfitted with a foam-filled, hard-shell carry case met every specification sought by the Navy. TEGAM is currently processing orders.

TEGAM’s reputation for quality and commitment to delivering world-class Test, Measurement & Calibration products are an integral part of the company’s core values and what the TEGAM brand is built upon. The contract award with the US Navy further solidifies a pledge to provide instruments that meet the most stringent standards in the world. Mission critical measurements in demanding environments.

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