Frigate Provence trains with the Cypriot Navy

On January 21, 2022, the A-crew of the Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Provence conducted joint training off the coast of Cyprus with the Cypriot Navy patrol boat Ioannides.

The two navies began the cooperation sequence with a scenario of countering an asymmetric threat, allowing the crews of the Provence and the Ioannides to support each other in the face of a fictitious attack from fast craft.

After having practiced conducting tactical evolution maneuvers, the two units then carried out a joint firing session on floating targets.

Finally, this interaction was also devoted to a “ boarding ” exercise aimed at training the FREMM Provence inspection team to inspect a suspect civilian building. The Ioannides thus simulated a ship suspected of arms trafficking, eligible for a flag inquiry, then for a control of its cargo by the Provence visit team .

This sequence of joint training is a marker of trust between the French and Cypriot navies, capable of working and acting together, in a reactive manner, in favor of the security of the maritime approaches to Europe, to the east of the basin. Mediterranean.

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