Nuclear Submarine Knyaz Oleg Went to the Northern Fleet

The nuclear submarine of the project “Borey-A” “Prince Oleg”, built at Sevmash (part of the USC), went to a temporary base for the Northern Fleet. The specialists of the enterprise took part in the preparation of the ship for the transition.

Recall that the hoisting of the Andreevsky flag on the cruiser took place at Sevmash on December 21, 2021. On this day, the company also transferred the nuclear submarine of the Yasen-M project Novosibirsk to the fleet. The event to raise the flags on two ships was held in the format of a video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief stressed that both nuclear submarines would be based in the Pacific Fleet.

As Igor Golubev, commander of the Knyaz Oleg APK, explained, the crew is ready to serve on the first serial nuclear submarine of the Borey-A project. During the construction at Sevmash and testing, the submariners gained good experience in operating the cruiser. As part of state tests, successful firing of the Bulava ballistic missile from the White Sea was carried out. “There is a lot of work ahead to work out the tasks of combat training. The crew includes servicemen who have already served on the ships of the 4th generation of the Borey project. “Prince Oleg” is the most modern cruiser, it has colossal parameters in terms of control, use of weapons, and other indicators,” said Igor Valeryevich.

Ships of the Borey-A project are being built at Sevmash in a large series (designer of the Rubin Central Design Bureau MT). The lead cruiser “Prince Vladimir” entered the fleet in 2020. As Sevmash General Director Mikhail Budnichenko emphasized, more than a hundred counterparty organizations from all over the country are involved in the construction of the nuclear submarine of this project. In the Borey-A project, the designers implemented the latest scientific and technical developments. Tactical and technical characteristics have been greatly improved, work has been carried out to optimize physical fields, weapon control systems, and maneuverability has been improved.

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