Russian MCM Forces Train in the Baltic Sea

The ship-based minesweeper group (KTG) of the Baltic Fleet, consisting of the base minesweepers Alexander Obukhov, Leonid Sobolev and Novocheboksarsk, as part of a planned exercise, cleared mines set by a mock enemy.

In accordance with the training plan in the training grounds located in the Baltic Sea, the minesweepers of the formation of the ships of the protection of the water area of ​​​​the Baltic Naval Base worked out actions to provide anti-mine support for the deployment of the naval forces of the Baltic Fleet from the base point and at the crossing by sea in the conditions of the use of mine weapons by a mock enemy.

While going to sea, the crews of the ships successfully worked out the tasks of setting contact and non-contact trawls, conducted an exercise on escorting detachments of ships behind the trawls and forcing a minefield.

Also, in the course of conducting a joint search and sweeping of mines in a given square, the KTG ships successfully discovered and destroyed the delivered training anchor and bottom mines.

About 20 warships, boats and support vessels are involved in the planned exercise of the Baltic Fleet forces, including small missile ships and boats, small anti-submarine ships, base and raid minesweepers, support vessels, as well as aircraft and helicopters of the naval aviation of the fleet.

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