Aquitaine Trains with a German Frigate off Finistère

On January 19, 2022, the Multi-Mission Frigate (FREMM) Aquitaine conducted joint training with the German frigate Lübeck, which was transiting from Wilhelmshaven, its home port, to the Mediterranean.

After refueling at night from the Somme command and supply building (BCR) , the FREMM Aquitaine returned to the Lübeck south of the Ouessant rail to conduct training there in various fields such as electronic warfare, procedures attacks – simulated via data link – or tactical exchanges. This cooperation ended with a cross-deck , that is to say with the landing of the Aquitaine Caiman helicopter on the Lübeck helicopter platform .

This interaction reinforces the interoperability of the different navies of the European Union in operation, thanks in particular to regular training according to NATO standards and procedures.

A demanding operational preparation contributes directly to the credibility of the French armies. It makes it possible to train the military and the chain of command in difficult engagements, in the diversity and ambiguity of hybrid modes of action, in the implementation of increasingly complex equipment, in the synchronization of effects in several fields and environments, and to the commitment in coalition with our allies and partners.

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