EFS – Training Senegalese National Staff Course Trainees

On January 13, 2022, around thirty trainees and executives from the Senegalese national staff course were welcomed in the Geille district in Dakar by instructors from the French Elements in Senegal (EFS).

Initially, the Senegalese officers received training on the structure of a command post (CP) followed by a visit to that of the EFS.

This sharing of knowledge was marked by the exchanges that animated the Senegalese officers of the 3 armies, the directorates and services and the gendarmerie with the EFS.

Cooperation is part of the 3 dimensions of the transformation of Operation BARKHANE in the Sahelo-Saharan strip. The objective is to train, train, equip and advise the partner armies, relying on the existing operational military partnership system at the regional level, particularly within the EFS.

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