Courbet Returns from Modernization

After a year of renovation and upgrading, the crew of the La Fayette (FLF) Courbet type frigate has just completed its recovery phase. The upgrade notably served to modernize the combat system, improve the building’s stability, strengthen its structures and renew the propulsion and auxiliary control systems.

At the end of a series of tests and individual training which enabled the crew to appropriate the new installations, the Courbet followed an operational conditioning course to qualify the building for future missions entrusted to him. Under the direction of the training division of the Naval Action Force, the sailors of Le Courbet followed the exercises, gradually increasing the difficulties. This training sequence was followed by a missile launch from the new SADRAL mountings and made it possible to confront its new ability to fight under the sea with a real submarine.

This very rich and demanding period of testing and training thus made it possible to pronounce the operational qualification of the Courbet .

Admitted to active service in 1997, the FLF Courbet is the first of the three FLFs to benefit from the renovation-upgrade program started in October 2020. A versatile combat vessel carrying more than 150 sailors, the Courbet can carry out maritime surveillance missions , intelligence, implementation of special forces or integration into a task force in a crisis zone. It is designed to accommodate a helicopter and its detachment on board.

Based in Toulon, the Courbet is 126 meters long, 15 meters wide and has a displacement of 3,600 tonnes. 5 buildings of this type are in service in the Navy, all in Toulon. The godmother town of Courbet is Angers (Maine-et-Loire).

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