CORYMBE 160 – Franco-Danish Anti-piracy Patrol

The High Seas Patroller (PHM) EV Jacoubet continues its surveillance mission in the Gulf of Guinea in order to help reduce maritime insecurity in the area. In this context, it cooperated with the Danish frigate Esbern Snare , itself deployed since November 2021 to fight against piracy.

The EV Jacoubet has been sailing since the end of December in the maritime area currently with the most acts of piracy in the world. He made sure with the many merchant ships he met that the right provisions and reactions in the event of pirate attacks were known and applied.

The end of this first patrol was marked by an exercise in data exchange and communication with the Esbern Snare , and winching maneuvers with its Sea Hawk helicopter in order to train in operational procedures and thus better cooperate.

After a stopover in Port Gentil, the EV Jacoubet continued its surveillance mission, always in partnership with the authorities of the neighboring countries and the Danish navy.

According to the 2021 report from the Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center ( MICA Center) , the Gulf of Guinea recorded an exceptionally low number of incidents in 2021 with 52 events related to piracy and robbery noted. The trends observed in 2020 seem to be confirmed in 2021, with a remarkable drop in the number of incidents in Nigerian territorial waters. Adverse weather conditions during the summer and early fall may partly explain the drop in incidents on the high seas.

However, this drastic decline can be analyzed rather as the result of an awareness of international and regional actors, who are joining together to carry out coordinated actions.

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