NRP Dom Carlos I Returns from African Deployment

After three months of mission, the NRP D. Carlos I returned today, January 15, 2022, to the Lisbon Naval Base after completing the technical-scientific and cooperative security activities on the West African coast.

During the present mission, the Navy vessel performed 1647 navigation hours and carried out the activities planned within the scope of Defense Domain Cooperation, with emphasis on the participation in the COSTEIREX-21 exercise of the Cape Verde Coast Guard.

During the Mar Aberto mission, hydrographic surveys were carried out along 5,109 nautical miles, covering an area of ​​82,573 km2, the anchoring of 3 wave buoys, the hydrographic survey of the bay of the port of Luanda and also the logistical and solidarity transport of 11 tons of material to the countries visited.

The crew of the hydro-oceanographic vessel D. Carlos I was received by the Naval Commander, Vice Admiral Nobre de Sousa.

The National Detached Force, under the aegis of the Chief of Staff General of the Armed Forces, made up of the Navy ship NRP D. Carlos I, elements of the Marine Corps boarding platoon, divers from the Sapadores Diving Detachment No. 2 and a Naval Doctor from the Naval Medicine Center, was commanded by Captain António Ferreira Moreira.

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