ATF-65 Janequeo” Decommissioned at Talcahuano January 14th

After almost a year of service as part of the National Squadron, the ATF 65 Tug “Janequeo” arrived this Wednesday, January 12, at the Talcahuano Naval Base, to continue operating together with the Units dependent on the Amphibious Command and Naval Transport (COMANFITRAN), organization he joined as of January 1.

From now on, this tugboat, built between 2016 and October 20, 2020, the date on which it was delivered to the Chilean Navy at the Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding Shipyards, in the city of Kattupalli, India, will operate in national waters. and insular having Talcahuano as base port.

The reception ceremony took place at Pier 360, which was presided over by the Commander in Chief of the Second Surrogate Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Juan Pablo Zúñiga, who welcomed the Commander and the crew of the Unit, together with the Commanders of Units and Heads of Distributions of the Talcahuano Naval Base.

The Commander of the ATF “Janequeo”, Frigate Captain Rodrigo Pérez, expressed his pride in being part of the Amphibious and Naval Transport Command and operating with this Task Force. “It is a privilege to be based in the Second Naval Zone, considering its great logistical capacity, in view of the challenges that lie ahead for the Unit and its crew,” he said.

For this year, the planning contemplates the opening of the Antarctic commissions, preparations for the platform to obtain certification as a Vessel of Opportunity for the rescue of damaged submarines and, with its capabilities, participate in the amphibious operations that are arranged by the Naval Operations Command.

The Commander of the COMANFITRAN, Captain Edgardo Acevedo, pointed out that it is “a privilege to have these new capacities. The ATF-65 “Janequeo” constitutes an enhancement of the capacity that we are going to have to fulfill the roles that the Navy has assigned us, specifically in the area of ​​submarine rescue or deep-sea disasters. In addition to the versatility that the ship has to offer us in amphibious areas specifically, it will also help us enhance the flexibility of the Amphibious Command and the work we have with our Marines.”

Similarly, he added that the capabilities of the “Janequeo” are many, not only as a large fleet and high seas tugboat. “Its capabilities will also allow it to strengthen the presence of the Navy in the Chilean Antarctic territory, as it did in the recent Antarctic campaign and the one to come at the end of the year. It is also sought to validate it as a platform to contribute to submarine rescue processes and to collaborate in the capacities that the State of Chile may have as a rescue platform in this area of ​​the Pacific”, he explained.

It should be noted that during 2021 the Unit carried out a number of logistical tasks, participated in the Team Work South (TWS) exercise and, between November and December, complied with the Antarctic Commission, carrying out the logistical support and replenishment of national bases. and international, reaffirming the contribution of the Navy to the foreign policy of the State and its presence in the Chilean Antarctic territory.

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