FFDj Trains With Spanish P-3 Crew Evacuation

At the end of December 2021, the Fire and Rescue Security Squadron (ESIS) of the Air Base 188 of the French Forces in Djibouti (FFDj) carried out an evacuation exercise for the crew of the Spanish P-3C Orion, maritime patrol aircraft of Operation ATALANTA.

Following a fire alarm in the cockpit, the ESIS firefighters deployed all of their resources on very short notice, in order to provide assistance to the 10 crew members of the aircraft, blocked by thick smoke complicating the intervention. The soldiers of the ESIS, the joint medical-surgical center and the protection squadron took part in this training.

This exercise, stemming from the 2008 technical assistance agreements concluded between the ATALANTE detachment and BA 188, enabled the FFDj to increase their technical knowledge of the P-3C Orion while rehearsing the evacuation procedures. This training also enabled BA 188, which hosts the air and support components of the Force, to work in perfect coordination with its Spanish partners.

Operation ATALANTE was launched on December 8, 2008 by the European Union to combat piracy activities in the Western Indian Ocean. The action of the contributing countries, working to deter, prevent and repress acts of piracy, has made it possible to reduce the number very significantly.

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