Taiwan Denies Leak in Submarine Program

In response to media reports that “submarines are suspected of being leaked”, the Naval Command explained the following today (13):

1. The content of the media reports is not true. The Naval Command emphasized that submarines are a key combat force important to national security. , is also an important indicator of national defense construction. The army adheres to a prudent and rigorous attitude to control and implements all cases according to the planned nodes.

2. Since the Submarine State made a contract with the Taiwan Shipping Company in May 2018, the headquarters has never contacted Mr. Guo named in the report. His words and deeds are personal behaviors and have nothing to do with the headquarters. We call on the media to perform their duties and refrain from Make assumptions and avoid confusing the public.

3. The project team (including foreign technical associations) in this case have completed the security investigation and signed the security agreement. The army requires the project personnel (including foreign technical associations) to strictly abide by the confidentiality regulations. If there is any violation of confidentiality regulations, it will be verified. , will be investigated in accordance with the law.

Fourth, the army will continue to do a good job in risk management and control, and under the supervision of the Second Academy of Liability and Supervision, complete the national construction of submarines, and prepare for the establishment of a combat capability.

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