Sevmash Created Nuclear Submarine Digital Model

At Sevmash (part of USC), for the first time in Russia, a digital model of a nuclear submarine was created. The project was implemented within the framework of a single design and production space created by the enterprise and four design bureaus.

The innovative technology was introduced by specialists from Sevmash, design bureaus “Severnoye PKB”, “Rubin”, “Malakhit” and “Almaz” (part of USC). In the process, technologies of reverse design, volumetric laser scanning were used, optical-electronic measurement instruments were introduced. New technologies have made it possible to avoid costly and labor-intensive rework. To introduce innovations, workplaces were reequipped, software was purchased and installed, channels for the transmission of information and databases were established. The staff was trained in new design and production preparation methods.

On the basis of a three-dimensional model of a submarine developed by Sevmash specialists, technological documentation for the manufacture of hull structures was issued, routes for laying pipelines were designed, information for bending pipes on numerically controlled machines was exported, equipment was placed and the assembly and operation of complex mechanical engineering products were simulated.

The pilot project has proven to be effective. Thanks to digitalization and three-dimensional modeling, the accuracy of calculations and the efficiency of design and technological preparation of processes, as well as the degree of elaboration, have been significantly increased. The results were approved by the project managing committee, general director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko and general director of USC Alexei Rakhmanov. Now the enterprise is scaling the project, new technologies and tools are being systematically introduced in production. Sevmash holds a leading position in the industry in reverse engineering and laser scanning technologies.

Note that digital interaction began in 2016. The task of implementing the pilot zone was implemented under the control of the USC as one of the priorities.

Nuclear submarine digital model created at Sevmash

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