Neustrashimy on After Refit Trials in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic shipyard Yantar (part of the USC) has completed the repair and modernization of the Baltic Fleet patrol ship Neustrashimy. The ship is preparing for testing.

On December 27, the ship left the water area of ​​the plant and moved to Baltiysk, where it began preparations for acceptance tests.

According to the person in charge of the order, Alexander Androsov, several trips to the sea with a total duration of about 30 days are planned. It is necessary to conduct tests of all complexes and mechanisms, in particular, the main power plant and weapons systems.

On board the “Neustrashimy” will work the acceptance team of the plant and the commission of the Baltic Fleet, which is to accept the ship after repair and modernization.

TFR “Neustrashimy” arrived at the plant in 2014 to carry out scheduled repairs. The completion date of the repair was extended based on the results of defect detection, which revealed a much larger volume of work than planned.

“Mainly, the work was carried out to update the mechanical part of the ship. Afterburner engines were repaired and re-installed. Weapons and support mechanisms have been modernized, ”explained Alexander Androsov.

Upon completion of the sea trials, the Neustrashimy TFR will be handed over to the Navy and will return to service in the Baltic Fleet.

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